Winter hunts on dogsled in Greenland

A hunt in Greenland is a unique experience, which few hunters ever have the chance of enjoying. It is a really special feeling to travel over the snow on a dogsled. The only sound you here is the crisp crunch of the snow as you are pulled through the vast snowy landscape. At night you feel like you can reach out and touch the stars, as the bone-dry air in Greenland is totally unspoilt by pollution. When you meet the muse ox, you must take care - they can attack if you get too close. If you dare taking up the challenge of a really unusual hunt, then hunting from a dog sled in Greenland is without a doubt something for you.


Price per hunter: €5,050

If you would like to book or have any questions please call Kristina M. Nielsen on tel. (+45) 62 20 25 40 between 9-17 (Mon-Fri) or email

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