POLAND | Individual Springtime Hunts for Wild Boar

POLAND | Individual Springtime Hunts for Wild Boar

Our popular state owned district CHOJNA must reduce its number of wild boar during the spring. Could this be something for you?

Price per hunter for 3 days hunting/accommodation, cat. ”S”-accommodation , 1:1 guided hunting, all fees and licences €595

A 60% discount is offered on all boars up to keilers with a tusk length of up to 13,99 cm.
A 25% discount is offered on all keilers of14 cm and above.

If you would like to hear more, or wish to book, please phone Anne Fick on tel. (+45) 63 21 43 15 or Joakim Pedersen on tel. (+45) 63 21 10 26 or email anne@diana.dk / joakim@diana.dk


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