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Quiet, Informal, Social and Cheap

On the State Hunting District of BRODNICA  we are offering a combination hunt for a group of 5 hunters timed to coincide with the period of the full moon period in late November/ early December. Brodnica is a very well organised district and has very good populations of game. It will be possible to hunt roe deer, red deer, fallow deer and wild boar. The accommodation here is of a very high standard and is in the district itself.
Price per hunter for 4 days accommodation with full board, 3 days combination hunting, all applicable fees and  licenses €680 (normal price €935)
Game shot will be charged for following the discounted priceless shown below:


140 mm - 159 mm                                                       €660
160 mm – 199 mm                                                      €705
+ €20.20 per mm over 160 mm
200 mm and above                                                  €1520
+ €26,25 pr. mm over 201 mm
Trophy fees for keilers under 140 mm and for sows and juveniles are charged according to weight:
Juveniles and Sows:
Up to 29.99 kg                                                               €112
30-39.99 kg                                                                    €205
40-49.99 kg                                                                    €240
Sows, keilers:
50-69.99 kg                                                                    €380

Keilers, Sows from 70 kg                               €540
Sows from 70 kg                                                          €595
Wounding of juveniles,
Sows and  keilers                                   €100
Red deer hinds/calves                                              €82
Fallow does/fawns                                                      €80
Roe does/fawns                                                           €40
Wild boars shot on individual hunts:
Up to 49.99 kg                                                              €35
From 50 kg and above                                             €70
Keilers from 14 cm and over as above.

If you would like to hear more, or wish to book, please phone Anne Fick on tel. (+45) 63 21 43 15 or Joakim Pedersen on tel. (+45) 63 21 10 26 or email anne@diana.dk / joakim@diana.dk

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