Two of Our Support Staff Have Just Been Awarded Their Hunting Licenses

The most senior of our sales support team, Jutta Kolding, together with the youngest, Lise Thomsen, took their hunting tests on the 1st June. Both passed at the first time of asking. They both agree the the preparations has been both exciting and challenging. Many weekend and evenings were spent studying and taking mock-exams on the web. They have both practiced estimating distances and hunting theory together, and despite their difference in age, they have been able to help each other overcome the challenges encountered.

Jutta is the day to day leader of the sales support team, and hs many years of experience within the travel industry Nature and game animals have always be of grat interest, so now was the right time to take her hunting license. She is now looking forward to going hunting with her husband and enjoying the great outdoors together. Jutta dreams about being able to hunt in Spain of France one day. ”The countryside of both countries is wonderful, and it would be fun to experience hunting in another way than that we know here at home in Denmark”, says Jutta.

Lise is the youngest member of the sales support team, where she started as a trainee. Her interest in hunting and naturecome from her father. Lise learnt a lot from being by her fathers side when hunting, so it is no surprise that now she will have a hunting license of her own. ”I am looking forward to going out by myself, enjoying being one with nature” says Lise. Lise is planning to go hunting in Poland next year with her father and her unclee, fo fulfil one of her many hunting dreams. Number 1 right now is to shoot a handsome stag on one of the many Polish hunting districts. The shotgun test is waiting for them during the summer, after which it will be possible to take their rifle test.

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