2017 has drawn to a close, after becoming one of the more eventful years for travelling hunters

New crown, But the Same Roots

Let us start by looking at our own little world. 2017 was the year that new owners took over as majority shareholders in Limpopo & Diana Hunting Tours from the company’s founder Jan Krossteig, who started our company back in 1974. The new owners bring plenty of new ideas and a solid background in business  with them, but will naturally develop the company further with a deep respect for the solid foundations that have already been laid down. Jan Krossteig will continue as co-owner and as the  company’s board chairman, so that we ensure a strong connection to our roots.

Progress in the World of Hunting

If we look a little further than the tip of our own nose, we can be pleased to see that hunting in currently enjoying good times. Here in Denmark hunting legislation has been significantly liberalised, allowing more hunting for a range of our native species, also the number of hunters here is increasing  – not least the number of female hunters -  and hunting is getting more positive coverage in the media than ever before. Even controversial topics such as trophy hunting can now be discussed constructively in the mass media. We are undergoing a period of very positive development, and the word from hunting organisations, companies and individuals is that we will see more co-operation between us as we work towards ensuring a better future for hunting and conservation. This also can be seen on an international level, where the big organisations are now working together more often and achieving much more. There is every reason to be optimistic!

Challenges for 2018

But every rose has its thorns. Hunting is still confronted with many challenges. As ever political problems pop up all the time – but we don’t need to dwell on this too much. A relatively new situation is the veterinary status of game animals in Europe, as today we are witnessing the spread of two worrying diseases amongst game animals. In Norway a number of cases of the brain disease CWD have been observed in wild reindeer and moose. Both the government and hunters here are working hard to stop this outbreak. In Eastern Europe African swine fever is spreading through the population of wild boar here at an alarming rate. Unfortunately the latter disease may  have far reaching consequences for wild boar hunting in Europe, so we are watching the situation closely and adapting ourselves  to it as much as we can.

The European View of Nature

Here at  Diana Hunting Tours we have decided to do all we can to actively spread the way Europeans view nature around the rest of the world via our many working partners. We can see that, when it comes to explaining and defending hunting, the down to earth point of view we have spreads easily through the rest of the world. We believe that this is the way to create a greater understanding and acceptance of hunting - both at home and abroad.

Finally we would like to wish you all a fantastic i 2018 – hopefully it will be a year filled with great hunting and outdoors adventures.

Happy New Year!

Claus Moltrup
- CEO of Limpopo & Diana Hunting Tours

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