Great Price for the 4Stable Shooting Stick - Mountain Stick

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The patented 4stable bipod really is every hunters best friend. It is based on a well known principle and is very stable. To shoot from one of these bipods is literally just like shooting from a bench! What really makes the 4stable the ideal solution for hunters is that is is lightweight, quiet and can be dismantled in seconds and packed into a standard rifle case. You will never again experience have a hunt ruined by an unsatisfactory shooting stick. Try one - you will never look back!

The 4stable shooting stick has an adjustable bar height and is easy to use in any shooting position. This shooting stick only weighs 600g, which is because the 4stable is manufactured from 7075T aluminium - a material that is used in the production of aircraft.

Its low weight comnined with a length of 65cm alllows the 4stable shooting stick to be easily packed in any suitcase.

The 4stable shooting stick is supplied in a smart carrying case. 

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