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James Males on red stag hunt in Ladek Zdroj

Dear Sacha and dear Ulla,

The trip arranged by DIANA was, in a word, perfect.

First, my thanks to you two for patiently helping me along the way - Polish rifle permit, transport and general tips.

Secondly, the Polish staff associated with the hunting were excellent, and I would say, we all had a good sense of humor.
Adam: he was waiting for me at the arrival airport, but he had to go to the WC just as I arrived, and his
mobile phone was off or on silent - so he did not hear when it rang. But with the help of a fellow in the
Information booth we did get together.

Marta. I would say she was the brains of the whole enterprise. She ran the hotel, translated and
had all sorts of important contacts, including the Director of the Breslau Airport ( who had hunted there).
He had prepared the Lufthansa staff at the airport for me with rifle and two stag heads.

Sylvester, the guide. I have seldom met a more competent and pleasant hunter. Very tall, handsome and athletic. He gladly reduced his stride and pace so that I could keep up with him up and down the steep mountainside, and he knew every nook of the large district. I met his lovely family at his invitation. His 4X4 was clean and neat ( as he was), and he was punctual.

Matagosia. She is an employee from Adam's office and took me back to Breslau via Grottkau. Very intelligent and modern in her worldview and yet determined to become a hunter herself. On the morning
she took me to the airport we had to be careful with the time because that same morning she had to take
the Hunter's Examination. Everything worked out for her ( 99/100 correct answers) and for me, too. One more plus, through M's partner, Hubert, I learned Zwibgnew from Kliniska, is still alive and I hope to get Z's e-mail address later.

District Only problem was the monoculture forest. Game plentiful enough, and the hunting was difficult enough to let the hunter be happy ( if not proud ) of any success. The staff at retrieved the game and prepared the trophies for transport were efficient and very organized. They had done it all many times before.

I am looking forward to the next adventure with your company, to France Oct 2019 - so god will.

Many thanks!


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