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Cai Inge Holm i Omujeve

Imagine having breakfast at the lounge with all its trophies watching the sun rise over the hills of the savannah covered with trees and bushes and to plan for a day of hunting with your PH. Imaging to stalk for antelopes over tens of thousands of acres of savannah with lots of antelopes big and small ones and with good trophies. Imaging to relax after a day of hunting and having an excellent dinner with the owner family, the PH:s and other guests  eating meat from animals that has been shot on the farm, meat that has been handled accurately by skilled hands. Or imagine after a day of hunting in the hot savannah sun to sit by a bonfire under the brilliant stars of the African sky including the Southern Cross to have a cold beer and talk about your own and other hunters experiences from a day of hunting.

This dream has come true for me during 2016 and 2017 after having hunted by Omujeve Hunting Safaris in the magnificent country of Namibia. They have two farms for hunting each one of tens of thousands of acres of savannah namely Omujeve within an hours drive by car from the capital Windhoek and the other farm Schonbrunn  about 3 hours drive south of the city .I have been hunting antelopes at both farms and I have shot twelve different sort of antelopes such as Eland and Kudu and the small Steinbuck. Several trophies were good ones like my White Blesbuck which certainly will bring me a gold medal. It is also possible to hunt big cats at the farm like leopard and cheetah. The hunting, the accommodation and the meals are excellent and the staff is helpful and courteous and so are the owner family Elsada, Nic and Corne Kruger. I really look forward to come back to Omujeve and I do recommend others to follow my example.

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