Roebuck Hunting in Poland

Roebuck hunting in Poland has become a wonderful tradition amongst rifle hunters. The season starts in the  spring - on May 11th -, and continues right up to the end of September. In other words it is possible to enjoy both hunting earlier in the spring  as well as an exciting, traditional rut hunt in July/August, when it is possible to call-up the bucks. If you are a true roebuck enthusiast, you really should  not miss any of these highlights!

The population of roe deer in Poland is, thanks to longstanding strict game management policies, both very large and very dense. Year after year this wealth of game  brings hunters from all over north western Europe to the vast Polish hunting districts to try their luck.

We can offer a wide range of the very best State Forest Districts in western Poland, all of which can deliver top quality roebuck hunts. The Polish districts can offer trophies of different sizes, leaving you free to choose whether you would prefer to hunt for a number of smaller bucks or go for a single, really good, trophy. These State Forest Districts all have well trained, experienced and  very responsible hunting guides, who each have their own areas in the districts, which they know like the back of their own hands.

The hunt usually takes the form of stalking or lying in wait on one of the towers that have been optimally placed in each district, with regard to the deer’s behavioural patterns. You will go out hunting twice a day, once in the early morning starting before dawn, and again in the late afternoon/evening during the hours around sunset.

No matter which season you have chosen to go roebuck hunting, it will always be possible to combine your hunt with hunting for wild boar, again early in the morning and in the late evening, which are the periods the boars are most active.

We are able to offer fixed price packages, on which a hunter only need to follow the advice of his guide and does not need to worry about a large extra bill if you shoot a really good trophy.  It is also possible to hunt following the districts regular price list, or our graduated price list with several categories of trophy size. Simply let us know in advance how you would like to hunt, and we will trailer your trip to it your wishes exactly!

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