Hind Hunting in Poland

To creep slowly into shooting range of a herd of red deer hinds is anything but easy. There are always alert pairs of eyes and ears amongst them. When you manage to actually do so, a hunter’s feeling of success is absolute…

If your goal is to enjoy the greatest amount of hunting experiences from the lowest possible amount of money, then stalking hinds and calves/lambs in the autumnal forests of Poland could be a really good bet for the perfect hunting tour.

An important part of game management practices is to cull hinds and calves/lambs each and every year. A large proportion of these are shot during individual hunts. This type of hunting is, thanks to the very low trophy fees, very reasonable but the challenge of getting the better of the watchful hinds is, as a rule, at least as great as that of shooting a roaring stag on a trophy hunt.

You can enjoy a lot more hunting for your money, and you will even have the opportunity to buy the venison to take home with you at a very reasonable price. This will add another dimension to you hunting, and you will be able to serve the results of your hard work to your guests!

We can offer a wide range of the very best State Forest Districts in western Poland, all of which can deliver top quality hind stalking. These State Forest Districts all have well trained, experienced and  very responsible hunting guides, who each have their own areas in the districts, which they know like the back of their own hands.

The hunt usually takes the form of stalking or lying in wait on one of the towers that have been optimally placed in each district, with regard to the deer’s behavioural patterns. You will go out hunting twice a day, once in the early morning starting before dawn, and again in the late afternoon/evening during the hours around sunset.

Mangy hunters often regularly take part in hind stalking with a couple of good comrades. This makes a good tradition, which will help polish your hunting skills at a very reasonable price!

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