Combination Hunting in Poland

Quiet, informal, cozy and cheap. A real hunter thrives best in the company of good friends!…. Combination hunts are a popular combination of small driven hunts and individual hunts during the autumn and winter.  Normally a small driven hunt for groups of 5 -7 guns are arranged in the mornings, while afternoons are spent on individual hunts.

These hunts often produce very decent results and are always very enjoyable of spending time in the company of your hunting friends.

We have access to a wide range of the very best State Forest Districts in western Poland, of which the  vast majority offer top quality hunting. These State Forest Districts all have well trained, experienced and  very responsible hunting personnel, who all have a job connected to the district.

The hunt starts with a briefing around dawn, where the head gamekeeper tells about how the hunt will progress, and inform you about the safety procedures during the hunt. Normally our combination hunts take place over 4 days and include 3 days hunting,. Typically 5-7 guns are needed to adequately cover the drives.

The small driven hunt will carry on until midday, then each hunter will be assigned his own guide and resume hunting in the form of stalking after hinds or wild boar.

This form of hunting is a quieter alternative to large driven hunts. The return per hunter is, as a rule, slightly higher than on a driven hunt and comradeship - because of the group’s more modest size - more close. Generally it is also possible to buy meat at very attractive prices.

Many groups book their hunt together year after year with their regular hunting comrades. You can hunt on a fixed price package, or following the price-list, depending on what the group prefers. But take care - you can quickly become addicted to these hunts….

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