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The Zlotoryja state hunting district is 7,856 ha. in size, of which 3,790 is forest and the remaining 4,066 hectares is farmland and meadow. The forest largely consists of conifers (72%) and birch (10%). The district is generally flat. Zlotoryja has 105 high seats/stands together with 10 feeding places. Here it is also possible to conduct an exciting hunt from a horse drawn wagon, on condition you book this in advance. Zlotoryja can take 3 - 4 hunters at a time on individual hunts, while driven hunts can be arranged for groups of 8 - 12 hunters.

On this district you can find roe deer, wild boar together with red deer. Zlotoryja has an excellent population of roe deer, every year around 85 bucks are shot here and there is a great chance of bagging a good trophy of between 300 and 400g net weight. Bucks of over 400g can also be taken here. The population of red deer here is also good, the annual quota is for 20 stags. Zlotoryja has a dense population of wild boar, and these can be hunted on individual hunts throughout the season, as well as on driven hunts in the autumn and winter.

Zlotoryja is 125 km from the Forst/Olszyna border crossing, 30km from  Legnica, which is the nearest major town and 100km from Wroclaw, where you will find the closest international airport. 

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