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Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is the largest island on the west coast of North America. It has an area of easily 32,000km2, around 3/4 of the size of Denmark. Geographically the island is dominated by the mountain chain known as the Vancouver Island Ranges, which is an outlier of the mountains on the mainland called the Coast Ranges. The highest mountain on the island is the Golden Hinde which reaches a height of 2,200m. Vancouver Island boasts magnificent scenery, with huge forests, many rivers and a beautiful coastline with many islands of all sizes, bays and coves.

This is what has made the hunting on Vancouver Island famous, and it still holds true. Our partner here have a hunting concession of more than 3,500km2 which lies on the west coast of the island on it’s Pacific coast. There are many hundreds of kilometers of coastline, and plenty of salmon rivers and this kind of terrain is an El Dorado for black bears, especially when the salmon are running, as they can eat their fill on the enormous numbers of salmon that are making their way up the rivers to spawn.

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