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Selous Game Reserve covers some 54,000 km2  our partner has concessions, MS1, RU1, U4 and LL3, enormous hunting districts that cover a total of up to 1,300 km2 in the eastern part of Selous.

Selous consists of enormous grass covered plains, bush and areas of forest together with rivers and partial led dried up river beds, as well as miombo forests in the northern more hilly part of the district. This varied biotope, where it is always possible to find water, is home to a rich fauna.  The hunting season in Tanzania is from 1st July to 31st December, but the best period in these districts is from July to the start of December


MS1 is the largest concession with an area of 1,300 km2. There are 3 large river valleys formed by the rivers Namatete, Kitope and Umswega, and this ensures you will find a rich habitat with large and varied game populations. It is here that over the years it is here that the best lions and biggest buffalos have been bagged. The lions here have a characteristic dark mane. The average trophy size for buffalo is 40”, while the biggest bulls shot here have measured an impressive 50”. There are also good elephants, sable, kudu and eland. The best period here is from September to December.


U4 is the smallest concession at 800 km2, however it is the most picturesque. Most of this concession is located along the Rufijji river. This district produces the biggest leopards, good lions, and many buffalo (averaging 38” – 40”), abundant hippos and large crocodiles, as well as waterbuck, greater kudu, eland, bushbuck, and other antelope species. You can hunt here for July to December, and there is also good fishing for tigerfish, giant catfish and golden catfish.


LR1 is the most central concession and covers some 1,200 km2. The majority of this district is covered by miombo forest and there are a number of smaller rivers, that usually dry out during certain times of the year. Some very good elephants have been taken here, and you can also find good populations of sable, eland, leopard, zebra, wildebeest, Lichstenstein’s hartebeest, impala, warthog, red & common duiker and suni. It is best to hunt here from mid-July to December.


LR2 covers 1,145 km2. It is a very diverse district with miombo woodland, areas of scattered thorn bushes and belts of dense vegetation. A large river, the Kimburu, also runs through this district gennem området, although it dries up for much of the year. As far as the hunting is concerned, LR2 is most renown for  ”never knowing what is hidden around the next corner”. There are good populations of all game species that occur in the area, and hunting is god from July to December.

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