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This district offers really good hunting for Siberian ibex, maral stag, brown bear and siberian roebuck.

Main hunting season: September to the beginning of October

Siberian roebuck: (Capreolus capreolus pygargus)

The trophy weight of the bucks typically reach sizes of 650 - 800g, with a few coming close to the magic 1,000g.

Maral Stag: (Cervus elaphus sibiricus)

Trophies of between 8 and 12 kg are realistic. Best hunting season: mid September - mid October

Siberian ibex: (Capra sibirica)

Average horn length is 90 - 100 cm.The hunting season is from mid August to the start of November.

Brown bear: (Ursus arctos)

In principle it is possible to hunt bears in both the spring and autumn. Here bears reach a size of between 7 - 8 feet.

The terrain in mountainous, 500 - 1,000m. Hunters should therefore be in reasonably good shape.

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