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Red Stag hunting in France

Our hunting district in the Dordogne lis close to the town of Sarlat. It is a very beautiful district, hilly and with varied vegetation; large forests, primarily of oak, conifers and large chestnuts, together with areas or arable farmland and meadows. The annual quota for trophy stags is not very high, and great emphasis is placed on a selective shooting policy, concentration on the oldest stags. Much time is devoted to localising and assessing the individual stags before the hunt starts in earnest. The quality of the trophies here is very good and you can expect to shoot a stag with a really sizeable trophy with a  weight of between 7 and 10 kg, and there is even the chance of a medal winning trophy. The hunt primarily takes place in the early morning and evening and takes the form of stalking. The closest airport to the district is Bordeaux.

In the  Pyreneese we can offer two different red deer districts. The first is close to Font-Romeu which is to the west/south west of Perpignan and the other is near Massat, to the south of Toulouse.

Here you will enjoy challenging hunting in very beautiful, varied, forest-clad terrain. You can come across both dense forest, clearings, beautiful mountain meadows and barren rocky areas. There is little in the way of agriculture, which is mainly only pastoral here.

The size of the trophies here is somewhat smaller than in the Dordogne, being similar in size to those from Spanish Red deer, but prices here are significantly cheaper. You can expect trophies of between  4 and 7 kg, 8-12 pointers with a minimum age of 7 years.

The nearest airports are respectively Perpignan and Toulouse.

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