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Omujeve & Schonbrunn

Omujeve Safaris have “delivered the goods” for our customers season after season. Namibian plains game hunting at a very attractive price, tasteful accommodation only 45 minutes from the airport and it is an ideal place for non-hunting guests to also have a great holiday.

During the low season Omujeve Safaris often have some really special offers, that can lead to the total cost of your complete Namibian hunting adventure being very spectacularly low!

The outfitter has two different districts and normally you stay and hunt in both districts. The hunting is typically “spot and stalk”, where you spot your quarry from a vehicle then stalk it on foot through the bush. Guests stay in an attractive safari lodge with a main central building, large double rooms, and a swimming pool. There are many different activities available locally for non-hunting family members.

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