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The state district of MIEDZYRZECZ is located in western Poland close to the Polish/German border. The area covers a total area of ​​11,000 ha, of which approx. half is forest, while the rest is agricultural land and meadow. The forest consists primarily of coniferous forest, but there are also around 1,000 ha of hilly terrain with ash, oak and beech. The river "Jeziorna" ran through the area. Along the river are wetlands with reeds and alder forests. On individual hunts, up to 4 hunters can hunt at a time.

In the territory there are both roe deer, red deer and wild boar, with the roe deer as the predominant game species. 55 are shot every year, of which 30 are bucks. In terms of trophies, most are between 250-350 g net, but some bucks up to 400 g are also killed. The annual red deer quota is 70, of which approx. 30 are stags which, in terms of trophies, are between 5-7 kg in trophy weight. There are also wild boars in the area, but as in the other Polish areas, the population is declining due to the wild boar plague.

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