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Now you can have the chance to experience a traditional moose hunt, using hunting dogs, in some fantastic hunting districts north of the Arctic Circle. The terrain is typical for north Scandinavia, with forests of birches and pines, and areas of open heather clad heathland.

With a group of 2-4 hunters, the hunt will be carried out in the following manner: 1-2 of the hunters will each go out, while the remaining hunters will lie in wait, or as it is known here “sit on pas”. A number of different breeds of dogs are used;  Karelian Bear Dogs, Norwegian Elkhounds and West Siberian Laika, all of which are incredibly effective hunting dogs. It is a truly unique form of hunting, that can only be experienced very few places. A third form of hunting  - “calling up”, may also be used, especially during the rut. It is fascinating to experience just how close it is possible for your guide to call up a moose. Hunters will often change roles during the hunt, between “walking with the dogs” and “ sitting at a moose pas”.

This means that even if you are not in the absolute peak of physical fitness, you can still enjoy this hunt to its full extent. There is absolutely no doubt that by combining combining hunting with free running dogs  with “sitting on pas” at strategic locations, you will come into contact with the largest number of moose possible in the district. And remember you will not be taking part is a large Swedish syndicate hunt, but in a hunt organised solely for our guests - with a maximum of 4 hunters.

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