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Hunting Area - Mountain Hunting in Spain

Hunting in Spain is becoming more and more popular for each passing year.

We offer all 4 ibex sub-species; Gredos, Beceite, Sierra Nevada and Ronda. the most sought after are Gredos and Beceite ibex, but more and more hunts are also choosing the to hunt the southern races, the Sierra Nevada and Ronda in combination with a holiday on the Spanish Costa del Sol. Finally we can also arrange cull hunts at a very attractive price. these hunts include 1 cull ibex buck, of max 6 years of age, and one female.

The often very steep character of the terrain and the need not to disturb other animals during your stalk, are just two of the elements that make hunting in the mountains both a great physical and mental challenge.  Shots might need to be taken from a range of anything from 50-300 meters, with an average range of around 200 meters. It is therefore a good idea to spend some time training on your local range before departure. Remember the old saying about, the more you practice the more lucky you become, certainly holds true here.

Most mountain hunts are, to some degree or another, physically challenging. You will be doing yourself a great service by getting yourself as fit as possible. However there are differences between the terrain from one district to another, which means that hunters who are not particularly athletic can also enjoy a good, successful hunt.

For hunters who would like to experience a Spanish driven hunt, we can also arrange that.Our districts are around a 2 hour drive from Madrid. Normally  a group should consist of at least min. 15 hunters. Our partner also offers hunting for chamois, red stag, Barbary sheep, fallow buck, wild boar and roebuck. Spain offers a broad range of hunting possibilities. It is also easy to travel to Spain, and the climate is often really attractive.

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