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Gorno Altai

Russian Altai lies in the heart of Asia, where the Siberian taiga, the steppes of Kazakhstan, the semi-deserts of Mongolia and the impressive Altai Mountains meet. Altai is true highland, with a stunningly beautiful landscape, more like a kind of Russian Tibet or as some have mentioned it, the Russian Switzerland.

During the times of the Russian it was the preferred hunting area of the notabilities. In this majestic landscape you will hunt with its mountains, river and lakes, you hunt for maral stag, Siberian roebuck, Siberian ibex, brown bear, wild boar, capercailllie and black cock and even partridges.

Apart from the huntable species you can also be lucky and see the elusive snow leopard as well as a number of different birds, including eagles. The Belucha mountain (4,506 meters above sealevel), which is on the Unesco World Heritage list lies in the center of the hunting area. The size of the hunting area is an impressive 120.000 hectares.

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