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Fort William

This hunting district lies in the fascinating landscape of the western highlands of Scotland. In this part of Scotland you can really challenge yourself physically!  The districts here are mountainous and home to a really good population of red deer. Some of the districts are most easily accessible by boat, you will find the combination of stalking in the beautiful Scottish Highlands and sailing amongst the mountains makes this hunt absolutely unique.  Here you will really feel that you are  ”in the middle of no where”, far from civilisation. This district is for the hunter who really wants to test themselves, and walk far every day to get to the most remote parts of the district to hunt. Typically the hunting will be 2:1, which means that 2 hunters will share one stalker. In this way you will also both be a part of each others hunting experience.

The district’s stalker has plenty of experience of hunting stags here in the highland of Scotland. It is a wonderful experience to hunt with him, and see how well he knows the terrain, as he guides our hunters on an exciting stalk in this beautiful and varied landscape. When you go hunting in the Scottish Highlands it is very important that you have the correct hunting gear with you. Now and again, it has been known to rain in Scotland. There is nothing worse than getting soaking wet almost before the hunt has really started. So make absolutely sure that you have good wind- and rainproof hunting clothes and a good pair of leather boots – we also recommend wearing gators, which can help keep your feet dry throughout your hunt. In this district we only hunt for rd deer. It is not unusual to see herds of more than 200 head of game. This is a really special experience, that we really do recommend that all our many hunters try at least once.

Naturally your guide speaks English.

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