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This district is only a 3-4 hour drive from London. It is located in Devon, near the town of Honiton, and covers a total area of 12.000 ha. in some places this district is very hilly, while in other parts the landscape is more gentle with rolling hills. There are small woodlands and copses, but most of the area is typically farmland, with plenty of hedgerows, which are of great importance for hunting roebuck. Every year bucks of up to 500g are shot here - so a really good trophy is possible. Hunters should take note that hunting is is guided 1:1, and trophy fees follow a set price list. The district is in a part of England that almost has a sub-tropical climate because of the warm summers and pleasant summer weather, that it enjoys because of the influence of the Gulf Stream.

It goes without saying that the hunting guides speak English, they are all very service-minded and welcoming. It is a good hunt with a good atmosphere.

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