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Coutada 10

Coutada 10 lies in the eastern part of the country, close to the Indian Ocean and the enormous Zambezi river delta.

 The Coutada 10 concession consists of the southern part of the Zambezi river delta. In the vast marshlands of the delta a population of over 13,000 buffalo lives side by side with large herds of sable, nyala and waterbuck, together with plenty of smaller species as well as the resident hippos and crocodiles. The area covers around 300,000 ha., and by its very nature the hunting is both very challenging and eventful. Here you meet untamed Africa face to face - and it will be a meeting you will never forget!

Coutada 10 stretches right down to the coast, lying in the southern part of the Zambezi river delta and bordered to the north by the Marromeu reserve. To the south east it borders the Indian Ocean, which uniquely gives the district around 50km of unspoiled beaches.


 The main means of transport on the district are Argo amphibious vehicles - these are the only machines that can move through the delta’s muddy reed swamps and bring hunters into the far flung areas where the buffalos can be found. In the districts woodlands you can find unusually large numbers of the sought after species of small antelope, the blue and red duikers, as well as suni and oribi - four of the “small ten” all in one place.


Although the terrain in Coutada 10 is flat, it is still very diverse. Due to the high levels of rainfall there are many palm trees, and along the many rivers and streams you will fince thick forest consisting of many different tree species.

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