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The hunt take place in Colebrooke Park itself, and even though the hunt is in open countryside, the population of sika stags is so dense that all our hunters over the last many years have bagged a good sika stag, many of which have been medal winners. The hunt is carried out as a combination of lying in wait and stalking. Partly because there are many natural vantage points in the hilly landscape  and partly because there are a number of “high seats”.

In addition to Colebrooke there are also 4 other very interesting districts that lies in the vicinity of Colebrooke Park. Depending on the wishes of the hunter, it is possible to combine the sika hunt with hunting for fallow buck, red stags and wild goat. The fallow buck here are not in the medal winning class, but there is a real chance of shooting a good fallow buck with a fully palmated trophy.

The red stag hunts take place on the nearby estate of Seaforde - around a 1 1/2 hour drive from Colebrooke Park, and the stags here are of excellent quality. The best stags shot during the last 4 years have produced trophies of between 7.9 and 10.6kg. If you wish to hunt for red stags please book in advance.

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