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Hunting Area - Bear Hunting in Kamchatka

The Kamchatka Peninsula has a length of over 1,500km, stretching down from the remoteness of north eastern Siberia. It is part of the Pacific Ocean’s volcanic “ring of fire”, and boasts an impressive mountainous landscape with fresh clean air, snow-clad peaks over 3,000m high, uninhabited plateaux and forest covered valleys with crystal clear rivers and streams running through them. Here you can find 120 volcanoes, of which 20 are still active.

In addition to brown bear and moose the Kamchatka Peninsula is also home to the Kamchatka snow sheep, caribou, wolf, lynx, red- and polar fox, otters, black grouse and ptarmigan. By the side of the different species of seal found on the coasts of the north you can also find walrus of up to 1,500kg and polar bears. But Kamchatka is not just for the hunter, there is also plenty on offer for the angler - with many different species of trout and char  present in the rivers and stream, while in the summer and early autumn countless salmon come up the rivers to spawn.

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