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Arnhemland, where the hunt takes place, covers 100,000 km2, which is more than twice the size of Denmark. It is possible to choose between 2 modes of transport to get to the hunting district. The most comfortable is clearly chartering an aircraft to fly from Darwin to Bulman, an aboriginal town in the heart of Arnhemland. The flight takes 1.5 hours, and is followed by a car journey of around 1-2 hours out to the hunting camp. The second alternative is to drive by car the whole way to the hunting district. This takes around 10-12 hours, and makes for a very exciting journey, during which you can enjoy experiencing both the town of Katherine and the changing countryside along the way. Many hours are spend driving along gravel roads. To fit in with the planned arrivals and departures from the hunting camp, the outfitter decides which of the transport alternatives will be planned for.

It is possible to bring your own rifle of hire one in the district. We recommend hiring a rifle here, as both the rifles and sights they have available are of very high quality. In additional to traditional rifle hunts, Australian Buffalo Hunters can also offer incredibly exciting bow hunting - an experience that will really make your hair stand on end.  

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