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Adams Lake

Adams Lake Outfitter’s hunting district lies in British Columbia. To be more precise it lies between Shuswap Lake and Adams Lake, north east of the town of Kamploops. The hunting district itself covers around 178.000 ha. And consists of a beautiful, varied landscape with mountains, lakes,  large areas of wetlands and meadows. From the town of Kelowna, where our hunters will be met by the outfitter, it is around an hours drive to the hunting district.

There are many forest clearings in the district, in which much fresh, lush vegetation is able to grow. In turn this good food source attracts many different species of animal to the district.

There are good populations of black bear, grizzly (Mountain Silvertip), puma, mountain goat, mule deer and whitetail deer, together with moose. Furthermore wapiti and mountain caribou are also present in this district, but up to now no licences have been issued for these two game species.

The climate is very mild during the spring and autumn, hot during the summer, while during the winter this district sees massive falls of snow.

The accommodation in which our hunters stay during the hunt depends on exactly where the hunt takes place, and on which species is being hunter. You might stay in"wall tents", cabins or campingtrailers, it is even possible to stay in a hotel under some circumstances.

During the hunt you might use different modes of transport, such as 4wd vehicles, ATV's or snow scooters. Once a promising game animal has been spotted, you will stalk your game on foot until you are close enough to safely take your shot.

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