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Wild Cat

Scientific Name: Felis silvestris

Subspecies: Two of a total of three subspecies, occur in this region: 1. Felis s. ornata: Northwest India, Baluchistan, southern Afghanistan, central- and southern Iran, northwards to Turkmeniya, Kazakhstan, eastwards to the Tarim basin and the Lop-Nur-Sea, Mongolia and northern China. 2. Felis s. lybica: In this region: The Arabian Peninsula and all countries of the Near East.

Habitat: All landscapes, from rainforest to semi-desert. In the mountains up to 4.000 m., often near habitation.

Description: The ancestor of our domestic cat, the Wild Cat weighs up to 15 kg, and measures up to 40 cm over the shoulder. It reaches a total body length of 80 cm, without tail (35 cm). The colour is very variable, from pale fawn or pale grey to ochre and brown. The underparts are white to buff. The black stripe along the spine may be strongly or weakly marked. The flanks have up to 12 vertical stripes continuing on the tail as rings.

Hunting method: On a kill, with dogs, traps.

Hunting available in: All areas of distribution. Washington convention list 2.

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