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Striped Hyena (Asia)

Scientific Name: Hyaena hyaena

Subspecies: None.

Distribution: The Arab Peninsula, from the Middle East and Turkey eastwards over Transcaucasia, Turkmeniya, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Nepal.

Habitat: Dry, rocky areas covered with dense bush.

Description: Long-legged hyena weighing up to 55 kg and measuring 80 cm over the shoulder. It reaches a total body length of 1,20 m, without tail (35 cm). General colour greyish with blackish, vertical stripes. The coat has long mane like hairs on the neck and back.

Hunting method: On a kill, on horseback, with traps, in connection with Wild Boar hunting.

Hunting available in: Population endangered, due to habitat loss.

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