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Wild Goat/Bezoar Ibex

Scientific Name: Capra aegagrus

Subspecies: 3 subspecies have been described, 2 of which occur in the Holarctic-Asian region: 1. European Wild Goat (Capra ae. aegagrus): Turkey, Iran and Iraq. 2. Turkmeniya Wild Goat (Capra ae. turcmenica): Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkmeniya (Caucasus).

Habitat: Steep, rocky mountain sides.

Description: Forerunner of all domestic goats, the Wild Goat has a compact body and long, strong legs. It weighs up to 90 kg and measures up to 1 meter over the shoulder. General colour rufous brown with a black line running down the spine. The horns are long, sabre shaped, pointing upwards and bending backwards. Both sexes have horns, but those of the male are the biggest. In older individuals the horns curve strongly backwards.

Hunting method: Stalking, (on horseback).

Hunting available in: Pakistan (limited numbers of licences), Turkey and Turkmeniya.

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