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Vervet Monkey

Scientific Name: Chlorocebus pygerythrus

Species: There are five recognised subspecies of vervet monkey:
Chlorocebus pygerythrus excubitor
C. p. hilgerti - found in southern Kenya
C. p. nesiotes
C. p. pygerythrus found in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland
C. p. rufoviridis  found in Uganda and Mozambique

Distribution: East Africa for Ethiopia south to South Africa

Habitat: Savannah, riverine woodlands, coastal forest, mountains (up to 4,000m), cultivated areas and even urban areas.

Description: Middle sized monkey, arms and legs much the same length and a with a long tail. Grizzled grey in colour with a black face fringed with white hairs. Males larger than females. Adult males have a body length of between 42 and 60cm and weigh between 4 - 8 kg. Adult females average between 30 and 50 cm in body length and weigh between 3.4 and 5.3 kg. They are similar in appearance to grivet/green monkeys

Hunting method: Spotting, walking and stalking (if an opportunity arises)

Hunting available in: Zambia, South Africa, Uganda

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