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Rusa Deer

Scientific Name: Cervus timorensis

Subspecies: 1. Cervus t. timorensis: Timor (introduced on to the Hermit- and Ninigo Island in the Bismarck Archipelago). 2. Cervus t. moluccensis: The Molukkas 3. Cervus t. macassaricus: Celebes and neighboring islands. 4. Cervus t. djonga: The Muna- and Buron Islands. 5. Cervus t. floresiensis: Flores, Lombok, Komodo and neighboring islands. 6. Cervus t. russa: Java and Bali (introduced in Mauritius).

Habitat: Open woodland and grassy plains.

Description: Large deer weighing up to 200 kg and measuring up to 1,15 m over the shoulder. It may reach a total body length of 2 meter without tail (25 cm). General colour dark brown. The antlers are similar to those of the Axis Deer.

Hunting method: Stalking, driven with beaters.

Hunting available in: Almost all areas of introduction.

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