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Red Dog

Scientific Name: Cuon alpinus

Subspecies: A total of 9 subspecies have been described, of which 5 occur in the Indopacific region: 1. Cuon a. dukhunensis: India, south of the Nilgiri Mountains. 2. Cuon a. adustus: Northern Myanmar, northern Thailand, northern Laos and northern Vietnam. 3. Cuon a infuscus: Tenasserim and southern Thailand. 4. Cuon a sumatrensis: Malaysia and Sumatra. 5. Cuon a javanicus: Java.

Habitat: Forests, mountainous forests.

Description: Medium sized dog weighing up to 25 kg and measuring up to 55 cm over the shoulder. It reaches a total body length of 1,10 m without tail (45 cm). General colour yellowish reddish brown.

Hunting method: On a kill and with traps.

Hunting available in: Protected by law.

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