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Mongolian Gazelle

Scientific Name: Procopra gutturosa

Subspecies: Northern Xinziang province and western Nei Monggol province in China, Dsungarei and inner Gansu, southern Mongolia, migrations from Mongolia to Transbaikal (Russia). 2 subspecies have been described: 1. Procapra g. gutturosa: The eastern part of the area of distribution. 2. Procapra g. altaica: The western part of the area of distribution.

Habitat: Steppe and semi-desert.

Description: Medium sized gazelle weighing up to 50 kg and measuring up to 80 cm over the shoulder. It reaches a total body length of 1,50 m without tail (12 cm). General colour reddish brown with white underparts and white rump. Heavily built gazelle with narrow, black antlers bending backwards in a siccle shape, ridged apart from the tip.

Hunting method: Stalking on horseback or camel, with dogs and beaters, with eagles.

Hunting available in: Mongolia.

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