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Dall Sheep/Stone Sheep

Scientific Name: Ovis dalli

Subspecies: Dall Sheep (Ovis d. dalli): Alaska, Yukon and northern B.C. Stone Sheep (Ovis d. stonei): Southern Yukon and northern B.C.

Habitat: Alpine pasture above the treeline up to 2.500 m.

Description: Middle-sized wild sheep weighing around 120 kg and measuring up to1,05 m. over the shoulder, reaching a total body length of 1,55 m. The coat is almost pure white in the north over brown (Dall Sheep) to almost black in the south (Stone Sheep). A special colour variation belongs to the Fannin Sheep the coat of which is a mixture of that of the two mentioned subspecies.

Hunting method: Stalking.

Hunting available in: Canada and Alaska

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