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Bison (North America)

Scientific Name: Bison bison

Subspecies: Prairie-Bison (Bison b. bison): From central Canada to the central States of USA. Introduced into Alaska. 2. Forest-Bison: (Bison b. athabascae): To the north and west of the distribution areas of the Prairie-Bison. Introduced into Alaska

Habitat: Open prairie, grassland in the south, forest with open areas in the north.

Description: Large member of the cattle family weighing up to 1.000 kg and measuring around 2 m. over the shoulder, reaching a total body length of up to 3,80 m. Heavy forequarters, especially in the male. General colour dark brown, the fronthalf of the coat being much longer than the back, giving it a mane-like appearance. The head is short and broad, and the bison has a stocky frame and a hunched back.

Hunting method: Stalking and on horseback.

Hunting available in: Several of the States in USA, (eg. Colorado, Wyoming, Montana). 

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