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Bison (Europa)

Scientific Name: Bison bos bonasus

Subspecies: Bison b. caucasicus.

Distribution: Poland, the Russian Federation and Belarus (has been introduced in some Eastern European countries: Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary)

Habitat: Predominantly deciduous forest with scattered open glades.

Description: Large animal with very heavy forequarters, especially in male, and long strong legs. The Bison weighs around 700 kg (bulls only, cows are smaller), and measures up to 180 cm over the shoulder. The head is short and broad, the pelage is dark brown and very dense, giving more the appearance of a mane. Older individuals have the characteristic "doglap" under the chin, known from other wild oxen. Older Bison males also have a longish beard. Both sexes have horns. The Bison was close to extinction after the 2nd World War, but a stable population has now been established in some parts of Europe (especially in Bialowiecza forest, Poland) with help from several zoos.

Hunting method: Stalking.

Hunting available in: Poland, The Russian Federation and Belarus.

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