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Raccoon Dog

Scientific Name: Nyctereutes procyonides

Subspecies: Three subspecies have been described: 1. Nyctereutes p. procyonides: China to North Vietnam and Tongking. 2. Nyctereutes p. ussuriensis: The Amur-Ussuri region, north-eastern Mongolia and Manchuria. 3. Nyctereutes p. viverrinis: Hondo, Schikoko and Kiuschu (Japan).

Habitat: Forest areas with good cover, often close to swamps and water.

Description: The size of a Red Fox, the Raccoon Dog weighs up to 10 kg and measures up to 25 cm over the shoulder. It reaches a total body length of 80 cm, without tail (20 cm). The coat is reminiscent of a badgers.

Hunting method: With dogs (in thickets and reed-beds), on a kill, traps, as side trophy in connection with other hunts.

Hunting available in: Asia.

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