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Scientific Name: Leopardis pardalis

Subspecies: Allthough a total of nine subspecies have been described, the individual differences will not be mentioned here.

Distribution: From southern Arizona and Texas through central and South America to northern Argentina.

Habitat: Wet primary forests and other dense forest, semi-dry thorny bush regions, marshes near rivers, mangroves, mountain forests.

Description: Middle-sized cat weighing around 16 kg and measuring up to 50 cm over the shoulder, reaching a total body length of 1,50 m without tail. Tail lenght 40 cm. The coat is fawn to reddish brown with black markings.

Hunting method: With dogs or snares. Because of its beautiful coat, the Ocelot is the most sought after and hunted of the South American cats. Its number has decreased dramatically in recent years, not only through excess hunting but also through loss of habitat.

Hunting available in: Protected by law. Washington convention list 1.

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