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Scientific Name: Odocoilus hemionus

Subspecies: A total of 8 subspecies have been described: 1. Common muledeer (Odocoilus h. hemionus): Rocky Mountains from Yukon to Texas and New Mexico, east to the central States and Canada. 2. Odocoilus h. crooki: Southwest Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and northern Mexico. 3. Odocoilus h. californicus: Central California. 4. Odocoilus h. fuliginatus: The San Diego area in California and southern California. 5. Odocoilus h. peninsulae: The southern parts of southern California. 6. Odocoilus h. cerrogensis: The Cedvo islands. 7. Columbian Black-tail Deer (Odocoilus h. columbianus): Coastal areas of central California and northwards to Port Simpson. 8. Sitka Black-tail Deer (Odocoilus h. sitkensis): Coastal areas of southern Alaska southwards to Port Simpson.

Habitat: Coniferous woods, shrubby areas, cactus- and savanna-like areas.

Description: Medium sized deer with a weight up to 150 kg, shoulder height up to 1.10 meters and body lenght without tail up tp 2,80 meters. Skin color is reddish in summer and is bluegrey in winter. Very big ears, branched antlers.

Hunting method: Stalking (horseback) and lying in wait.

Hunting available in: In all areas of distribution

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