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Mountain Lion (South America)

Scientific Name: Felis concolor

Subspecies: A total of 30 subspecies have been described for North- and South America, 17 alone in Central- and South America. Due to uncertainty of their individual status we do not mention any of them below.

Distribution: From the southwest States in USA to Patagonia in the south. Mainly found in the mountainous region in the western part of the continent.

Habitat: Mountains with gorges and narrow valleys, dense broadleaf forest, marshes and swamps.

Description: Large, heavily built cat weighing around 100 kg and measuring up to 75 cm over the shoulder, reaching a total body length of 2 m. without tail. General colour greybrown to brown with darkbrown tip of tail and back of ears.

Hunting method: Stalking, with dogs especially trained to track the Mountain Lion to its hide, and then force it to jump down from its tree. Snares.

Hunting available in: Mainly North America to Mexico. Washington convention list 1.

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