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Mouflon (Asia)

Scientific Name: Ovis musimon

Subspecies: From a total of 6 described subspecies, 5 occur in the Holarctic-Asian region. (This assuming that the European and the Asian Mouflon both belong to Ovis musimon. Some authors recognise the Asian Mouflon as a separate species: the Urial Wild Sheep (Ovis orientalis)): 1. Anatolian Mouflon (Ovis m. anatolica): Central Turkey 2. Trans-Caucasian Mouflon (Ovis m. gmelini): Trans-caucasia, eastern Turkey and northwest Iran. 3. Red Sheep (Ovis m. orientalis): Northern Iran. 4. Isfahan Mouflon (Ovis m. isphahanica): Southwest to southeast Iran. 5. Laristan Mouflon (Ovis m. laristanica): Southwest Iran, Laristan.

Habitat: Mountainous, semi-arid rocky regions.

Description: The smallest of the wild sheep, the Mouflon weighs up to 60 kg and measures up to 80 cm over the shoulder. The colour varies from subspecies to subspecies: Dark brown over cinnamon brown to light reddish brown. The underparts and the rump are white. The transition from brownish coat to white underparts is marked by a blackish line. The ram has a greyish white "saddle" in winter. The horns are heavy, growing in spirals sidewards and outwards.

Hunting method: Stalking or lying in wait.

Hunting available in: At present no hunting available due to political unrest. Washington convention list 1.

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