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Mara, Patagonian

Scientific Name: Dolichotis patagonum

Subspecies: none

Distribution: Argentina from 28ºS to 50ºS

Habitat: The mara prefers habits with shrub cover, but can be found in open plains, steppes, lowland forests and even areas with overgrazed and barren soils.

Description: A relatively large rodent, resembling a jack rabbit, with distinctive long ears and long limbs. Its hindlimb are longerand more muscular than its forelimbs. Small, compressed feet resembling hooves. Short almost hairless tail. Base colour is grey, with a white rump, separated from the back by a black area. Underside is white, flanks, chin and front rufous/orange. Body length is 69 -75cm, weight 18 - 35lb.

Hunting method: Stalking

Hunting available in: Argentina

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