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Lynx (Asia)

Scientific Name: Lynx lynx

Subspecies: The Lynx is represented by 14 subspecies occuring in the northern hemisphere. The subspecies are separated from each other through differences in colour and size. Seven of these live in the Holarctic-Asian region: 1. Caucasian Lynx (Lynx l. dinniki): Caucasia, Iran and Turkey. 2. Altai Lynx (lynx l. wardi): The Altai and Chacassia (Russia). 3. Baikal Lynx (Lynx l. koslowi): Southern Siberia to Transbaikalia and northern Mongolia. 4. Amur Lynx (Lynx l. stroganovi): The Amur-Ussuri region and Manchuria (China). 5. Jakutian Lynx (Lynx l. wrangeli): Eastern Siberia, Jakutia to the Stanowoi mountains. 6. Oriental Lynx (Lynx . orientalis): Transcaucasus, southern Russia and northern Iran. 7. Turkestan Lynx (Lynx l. isabellina): Turkmeniya, eastern Afghanistan, northern Pakistan, northern India, Himalaya and Xizang (Tibet).

Habitat: Coniferous forests and mixed woodland, mountain forests.

Description: Long-legged cat weighing up to 40 kg and measuring up to 75 cm over the shoulder. It reaches a total body length of 1,30 m, without tail. General colour rufous brown to whitish grey, being whitest in the north and most strongly rufous brown in the southern regions of distribution, the dark spots increasing as you move south. The ears are pointed, with tufts of hairs. The Lynx has a beard and a short tail.

Hunting method: Lying in wait, tracking in deep snow with snowshoes, sometimes on a kill.

Hunting available in: Russia, Scandinavia (only for the natives of the countries respectively). CITES-classification 3.3.97: A!

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