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Honey Badger

Scientific Name: Mellivora capensis

Subspecies: A total of 15 subspecies have been described, covering both the tropical- African, the indopacific- and the holarctic regions. Due to uncertainty of the individual status of many of the subspecies, we do not describe any of them here.

Distribution: Southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, east of the countries of the Near East, Iran, Turkmeniya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nepal.

Habitat: Forest, open and dry areas, in mountains up to 3.000 m.

Description: The size of common Badger, the Honey Badger weighs up to 14 kg and measures up to 30 cm over the shoulder. It reaches a total body length of 30 cm, without tail (15 cm). General colour black. Top of head and the back uniform greyish white. Some individuals are all black. The head is broad, ears and eyes small.

Hunting method: With traps, dogs and the digging out of the setts.

Hunting available in: All areas of distribution.

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