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Scientific Name: Lama guanicoe

Subspecies: Four subspecies have been described, but due to uncertainty of their individual status none will be described below. The Guanako has been domesticated for around one thousand years, and the whole animal including its produce finds use. The Alpaka is a Guanako breed, bred especially for its fine wool and meat.

Distribution: From central Peru, Chile and Argentina to Patagonia.

Habitat: High level Pampas, semi-desert regions up to 5.000 m.

Description: Lama weighing around 120 kg and measuring up to 1,15 m over the shoulder. Reaches a total body length of 1,80 m, without tail. Valuable rufous brown coat, underparts and sides buff to white.

Hunting method: Totally protected in Chile, Peru and Argentina. Washinton convention list 2.

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