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Goitered Gazelle

Scientific Name: Gazella subguttorosa

Subspecies: A total of seven subspecies have been described, all of which occur in the Holarctic-Asian region: 1. Gazella s. subgutturosa: Transcaucasia, Turkmeniya, southern Iran, Syria and Iraq. 2. Gazella s. seistanica: East Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan. 3. Gazella s. yarkandensis: Chinese Turkestan. 4. Gazella s. hillieriana: Mongolia. 5. Gazella s. reginae: Northern Tibet. 6. Gazella s. sairensis: Northern Xinjiang (China). 7. Gazella s. marica: Southeast Saudi Arabia, eastern Rub-al-Khali.

Habitat: Semi-desert and desert plains with shrub at lower altitudes.

Description: Medium sized antelope weighing up to 45 kg and measuring up to 75 cm over the shoulder. It reaches a total body length of 1,20 m without tail (18 cm). General colour light brown with white underparts. The tail is fawn with a black tip. The antlers are long and slender, pointing upwards and then backwards, black and rippled.

Hunting method: Stalking, on horseback, with dogs, with eagles.

Hunting available in: Kazakhstan and Turkmeniya (in limited numbers).

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