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Caracal (Asia)

Scientific Name: Profelis caracal

Subspecies: From a total of nine subspecies, two occur in the Holarctic-Asian region: 1. Profelis c. michaelis: Southern Russia, Turkmeniya and northern Iran. 2. Profelis c. schmitzi: Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Arabian Peninsula, southern Turkey, southern Iran, Pakistan and northwest India.

Habitat: Savanna, often near rocks.

Description: Medium sized cat with a compact body. It weighs up to 25 kg and measures up to 50 cm over the shoulder. General colour uniform reddish or rufous brown, the fur being soft and thick. The ears are long and pointed with dark tufts of hair at their tips. The tail is markedly shorter than the African representatives of the Caracal family.

Hunting method: Stalking, lying in wait.

Hunting available in: Protected by law since 1975 in Russia. For all Asian populations: Washinton convention list 1

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