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Bat Eared Fox

Scientific Name: Otocyon megalotis

Subspecies: 2 subspecies are recognised:

O.  megalotis virgatus - Found in East Africa from Ethiopia and southern Sudan to Tanzania

 O.  megalotis megalotis - Occurs in southern Africa from southern Zambia and Angola to South Africa, east to Mozambique and Zimbabwe

Distribution: See above.

Habitat: Commonly found in grasslands where the grass is kept short by razing animals, arid areas os savannah.

Description: A small, long legged fox, not unlike a jackal. Short muzzle and very large ears, which are white inside, with a black upper edge. Face blackish. Upper-parts a grizzled buff colour, with lighter flanks. Bush tail, blacks above and at the tip.

Hunting method: Stalking (if the chance arises), hunting at night

Hunting available in: Ethiopia, Namibia, South Africa

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